How To Clean & Apply Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour To Your Tires

1st you need to clean your tires but what cleaner to use?


OmniClean Tire Cleaner VS All Purpose Cleaner


Using anything else may cause the Black Pearl not to bond efficiently to the applied surface.

 Any cleaner with citrus oils can remain on the surface after rinsing and interfere with the effectiveness of Black Pearl.

APC or all-purpose cleaners are not strong enough to cleanse the surface effectively.

TFR. or Traffic film removers are great, but they are NOT what you need on this occasion.
Products like G101 are a very popular APC, but it is the wrong type of cleaner. 

Even though, most of these products will seem like they are working well, by removing some of the brownings from the tyre. However, unfortunately, they will still leave a residue on the tyre that can interfere with the effectiveness of Black Pearl.

You need the cleaned surface to be as free as possible of waxes, oils, and old dressing. For this reason, I am sorry to say, IPA is not recommended.

These are the only ones we currently recommend. Both of these products meet the chemical makeup required to ensure the Black Pearl can bond and cure effectively to the cleaned surface.


 Cleaning The Tyres

OmniClean on Tires & scrubbing

Before you can apply Black Pearl to your tyres, you have to make sure the surface is free from any dirt, browning, oils and previously applied tyre dressing.

OmniClean Tire Cleaner Removing dirt & browning

This fact cannot be stressed enough, and failure to do so will significantly reduce the effectiveness of Black Pearl.

By doing this, you will ensure that the Black Pearl tyre dressing bonds to the tyre and not to residue dirt and last weeks application of the dressing.

OmniClean Tire Cleaner Used  3 Times White Foam

If you apply to the product to dirty tyres then the coating will not dry evenly, the curring will be ineffective, and the product and will come off after a short time.


Rinsing Tires

Start by rinsing off any loose dirt with a hose or presser washer. Then, use one of the recommended cleaning products, diluted either 1:1, or 2:1.

Spray over the entire tyre, ‘Omniclean’ can be left to sit for up to 5 minutes to help break down any old dressing.

Spraying OmniClean on tires

Please note these are strong cleaners, therefore please take particular care with chrome and uncoated wheels, painted wheels will be fine.

Scrubbing Tires With OmniClean

We recommend that you wear protective gloves on your hands when using these cleaners.

Clean Tire After Using OmniClean Tire Cleaner

Tip: Brass bristle brushes can be used, but please be careful that the brush does come in contact with the surface of the wheel otherwise it will become scratched.

We would recommend masking off the edge of the wheel before using these types of brushes.

If you apply to the product to dirty tyres then the coating will not dry evenly, the curring will be ineffective, and the product and will come off after a short time.

OmniClean being Used on Dirt Tires

Making sure the tyres are thoroughly cleaned cannot be overstated, you may need to repeat the process at least twice or until the foam is white and there is no beading on the surface.

By doing this you will help the coating bond effectively to the tyre or plastic trim.

You must repeat this process until no dirt comes off the tyre and the foam is white.

OmniClean White Foam Tire Cleaner

There should be no evidence of beading occurring when rinsing. Move the car during this cleaning process to ensure you get to all the sides, walls or parts of the tyre.

Applying Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour 

Applying Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour in a Tray

Once the tyres have been thoroughly cleaned and are dry, pour a small amount of Black Pearl into the tray provided. Place the foam

You only need to apply a thin coat of black pearl

applicator onto the roller handle, dip the roller into the Black Pearl in the tray.

Ensure that the surface of the roller is fully covered. Remove any excess dressing by rolling over the top part of the tray.

Applying Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour in a Tray on a Roller

You won't need a lot of Black Pearl.

The liquid will spread evenly by using the roller, unlike many other gels or creams which are harder to spread over the surface.

Applying Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour in a Tray Applying to Tires with the roller

The roller should only be lightly coated with Black Pearl, as it should be applied sparingly.

Applying Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour in a Tray Applying to Tires with the roller

The roller should not be dripping with the product as it is lifted out of the tray.

Clean any black pearl off the wheel immediately it will cure very quickly

Applying Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour in a Tray Applying to Tires with the roller

Apply carefully to the tyres, ensuring that you achieve a good, even coating of the product over the whole tyre.

You need to make sure that Black Pearl is in all the lettering and grooves of the tyre. Initially, when you apply it, it will have a bluish appearance, this is just the blue tint in the product don’t worry about this, it's not a dye, and will not affect the finished appearance of the tyre.

If you get any black pearl onto the wheels or bodywork, you need to remove it quickly, before it starts to dry.

Just keep a damp and a dry micro fibre towel handy. Alternatively, mark off with a low tack tape, any surfaces that you do not wish Black Pearl to come into contact with.

Applying the second and subsequent Coats

Applying Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour Gloss

We strongly recommend that you apply a second coat of Black Pearl. This will make it more durable, and if using the ‘gloss’ finish version, it will add additional shine.

It will also help to make sure that you cover any parts of the surface that might have been missed in the initial application.

You can add as many additional coats of Black Pearl as you want.

Wait for the first coat to flash & dry which is usually around 20-30 mins and repeat the application process.

25 min

Black Pearl is normally fully cured within 4 to 5 hours. It is important to ensure that the tyre does not get wet and that the vehicle is not driven during the curing process.

It's best to apply Black Pearl in the evening. Ideally in a dry garage where it can cure overnight. It should always be applied out of direct sunlight as this will cause the coating to flash too quickly.

Cleaning Up After Application

After you have applied Black Pearl, we recommend washing out the foam roller with warm water and rinsing it well.

If the foam roller has dried and become stiff, we recommend discarding it and using another.

We recommend buying our five-pack of rollers as Black Pearl can cure quickly, and having a few spares is always handy.

Tip: In between coats put the tray and roller, covered in cling film in the fridge. This will help to stop the Black Pearl from curing on the roller or in the tray.

Maintaining The Coating

Once you have applied the Black Pearl Tire Coating, maintenance is simple.

All you need to do is to scrub the tire clean with the same cleaner you originally used to clean the tyre. Then rinse, and this will restore the finish.

Applying Top-up Coats

If you like your tires, to look as black & shiny as possible then top up coats can be applied after normal cleaning.

Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour Gloss on Tires

 If you don’t like using the roller method, then you can use a foam application pad.

We recommend dipping the applicator pad into the tray rather than pouring Black Pearl directly onto the foam applicator.

This is because the product will bead off the applicator and on to the floor. You can apply the Black Pearl to the tire like you would any other tire dressing.

You may need to apply slightly more pressure to push the Black Pearl into all the groves and lettering on the tire.

Mad for Detailing Trim & Tire Foam Applicator

Please remember, you will need to rinse out the applicator after you have finished and store in the fridge between coats to prevent it from drying.

Applying Black Pearl to the plastic trim is the same in principle.

Use the same cleaning method, but a softer brush or microfibre wash mitt is recommended to ensure there is no beading, residue wax or old dressing remaining.

When applying Black Pearl, make sure there isn’t any water left in panel gaps, and the surface is thoroughly dry.

For larger surface areas, the foam applicator can make application quicker.

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