Images of Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour

Just a few images of black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour at its best

The black tint does an amazing job of hiding & coving up the light scratches & scuffs you get on plastic trim from daily driver 
hh If like your tyres looking shiny then choosing our gloss version is going to suit you perfectly and you can add extra coats if need to add extra gloss  

or go for our matt version and our best selling version of Black Pearl if your looking at both images and seeing quite a difference in look well don't worry the first image is 5 coats of matt whilst the next 1 is only 2

5 Coats of Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour on Tyres Matt finish

An excellent example of how matt looks on tyres with its all most undressed look that looks very new & natural feel that won't take away from the cars overall look

We sell more matt than gloss & its easy to see when you can see the results it process unlike any tyre shine or tyre dressing 


2 Coats Of Matt Black Trim & Tyre Armour on Tyres



2 coats Of Gloss Finish Tyre dressing Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour


Tyre Shine Gloss Finish black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour


tyre shine coating Audi S3 wheels & tyres Black Trim & Tire Armour




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