Mr. Detail Video On No Sling No Smear Dry To The Touch Tyre dressing


Black Pearl tire armour from Mr. Detail on Vimeo.


Tyre Dressing 

he shows how ordinary tyre dressing sling off like silicone-based tyre shine that doesn't dry if too much is applied to the tyre or its to wet the tyre dressing will sling over the vehicle as you can see in the video with all the black dots over the mirror casing & door  

Greasy To The Touch 

This also results in if you touch the tyre that you get the tyre dressing all over your hands if you touch the tyre getting the black greasy product all over hands which is not nice

Oxidised Anti-Rot Wax

If there is a build-up of silicons based tyre shine, it can become like a brown sludge which is a mix of dirt from the tyre & the browning on the tyre which is oxidised anti-rot wax.

which is in the tyre to help it stay flexible & preventing the rubber from cracking & going hard as the anti-rot wax goes to the surface of the tyre it reacts with the oxygen & this cause it to oxidise going the brown colour you see on the tyre 

if you have looked at a tyre and see it is very brown rather than black, this is likely to be a lot of oxidised anti-rot wax the surface of the sidewall of the tyre

Find Out How To Remove The Browning From Your Tyres   

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No Sling No Silicon Tyre Dressing 

Mr Detail then goes into using Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour on the tyres & repeats the same test of wiping his fingers over the sidewall of the tyre applied with Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour & non of the coating comes off. 

Dry To The Touch 

This definitely by far our favourite benefits to using Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour it has no silicon and remains dry to the touch & will not sling off the tyres like the tyre dressing used at the start of the video 

Mr Detail video shows perfectly how amazing of a tyre dressing Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour is. It coats the tyre leaving a dry flexible coating to the surface of the tyre so there will be no more tyre sling over your bodywork & wheels 

How To Clean & Apply Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour 

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