New Tire Prep How to Guide

How to remove the Wax & Mould Release

Removing The Wax From New Tyres


What am I looking for?

Wipe the kerosene until you get a matt finish. A satin sheen indicates

wiping down tires

there is still wax on the tyres.

Do not look for water-beading as your indicator, (that is for normal cleaning), look for a matt finish.

wiping down tires

A second indicator that the kerosene has removed all the wax, and the tyre is completely clean is, that a clean towel will grab, and not easily slide over the surface.

Matt Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour

Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour Guide

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All wax must be removed from the surface of the sidewall. Black Pearl is water-based.

Even a thin film of wax forms an impenetrable barrier which prevents Black Pearl from making direct contact with the rubber and forming the bond.

You Will Need

Use clean, absorbent microfiber towels. Consider swapping the towels out one or more times, during this process just in case they get saturated with paraffin wax.

What am I Removing?

You are removing the factory-wax that all new tyres have applied to their surfaces.

Why kerosene?


An alkaline degreaser will not remove the wax, a solvent wipe is required. (Do not use an IPA) Kerosene will not interfere with the coating if there is any left on the surface.  Buy Your Bottle Here or View All The Product in our store 




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