How To Make Your Tire Shine Last Longer

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Want to know how to make your tire shine last longer than normal


Often the tire shine you apply to your tires won't last very long on your tires and often it's down to the product being of a poor quality some products are not meant to last 


Dirty Tires or Clean Tires

Dirt Tire Tyre


But having the surface fully cleaned & free of any silicones or old dressing & dirt that might help prevent the tire dressing from bounding to your tire after all these products are designed to bond with the tires & not the dirt


You can be pretty sure when testing out their tire shine products & making them that they did not use dirt tires   to test the products on  

Dirt Tire and Bmw wheel


And when we mean a dirty tire we mean dirt not being removed normal cleaning methods like power washing and cleaning tires with wheel cleaner & all-purpose cleaners


Tires need to be cleaned with a special type of cleaners acid based, and all-purpose cleaner will not remove    the dirt or any remaining tire dressing still on the tire you need to remove these


An all-purpose cleaner will not break down these type of contamination you need to remove from your tires  


and well they may break down some of the dirt but not all no matter how many times you try or how      concentrate you make the product trust I have tried


The Tire Cleaner Show You Be Using

OmniClean 500ml Tire Cleaner


To remove the wax or browning on the tire, you need to use a product like OmniClean that is alkaline based &  & is more powerful than other alkaline-based cleaners 

Dirty Tire Tyre using OmniClean Tire cleaner



Using OmniClean will remove any tire dressing dirt or old wax/browning on the tire to help any new tire dressing, or tyre shine bond better to the surface, of the tire and will last longer and should also should help prevent the risk of the tire shine sling off your tires

Foam white Cleaning with OmniClean


Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour 

Black Pearl Trim & Tire armour Gloss on Volvo Wheels

Because Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour will not be on the tire for 6 months if the tires are not cleaned  


So taking the extra time to clean your tires next time you are going to dresses your tires after washing your car might worth it or maybe you would read more about Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour

Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour Product Befits


if you look on the back of any tire shine or dressing product the instructions, it will never say apply to a dirt tire  no they always say apply to clean dry tire


Try out OmniCleane the best tire cleaner

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