How To Make Your Tyre dressing Last Longer

Does your tyre dressing not last that long? if so we have some advice to help get the best out of your current tyre dressing making it last on your tyres a bit longer or even help you buy a better tyre dressing one that can last months rather than weeks or days

As often typical tyre shines & dressing don't last that long on your tyres simply flick off or wash off in the rain not lasting much more than a few days normally

Cleaning Your Tyres 

There are 2 main ways you can improve how long your tyre dressing lasts the first is prep preparing the tyre for dressing the rubber surface 

This means cleaning the tyre removing any dirt & previously applied tyre dressing to ensure the tyre is free of anything that might cause the new application of the tyre dressing to bond  to the surface remaining in place longer 

silicone-based tyre dressing if they have been applied it important that you remove any remaining silicons left on the surface   

if you have used a water-based tyre dressing you find this so much easier to clean this tyre of tyre dressing as it is only water-based    

tyre dressings will not bond to the dirt they will bond to rubber & therefor cleaning the surface is so important a lot a tyre are dressed when tyres are dirty 

this is one reason why some tyre dressing sling off because tyres are not popularly cleaned & prepared adequately 

Dirt Tire Tyre

 How To Clean Your Tyre 

all purposes cleaner whilst may seem to remove the dirt from within the tyre they will remove some dirt still leaving a lot of dirt & browning in the tyre they not simply not powerfully 

An all-purpose cleaner will not break down these type of contamination you need to remove from your tires  

Use OmniClean Tyre Cleaner 

Using OmniClean will remove more dirt & old tyre dressing on the first go than other tyre cleaners this is due to the alkaline-based cleaner & the powerful ingredients that dissolve oils & grease fast & effectively 

More Powerful Than All Purposes Cleaner  

breaking down what all purposes cleaner can not it's unique formula  is designed pacifically to clean tyres in prep for applying Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour removing the oxidized anti-rot wax seen on the tyre as the brown colour on tyres which can turn the sidewall of the tyre brown rather than the normal black it should be 

Dirt Tire and Bmw wheel

Features Of Benefits OmniClean 
  • Works on tires, rubber, plastic & vinyl
  • Alkaline-based for powerful cleaning
  • Available in a concentrated or RTU Spray
  • Dilutable 1:1 or 2:1 Making it more cost-effective to use  
  • Breaks down old dressings, oils & waxes  
  • Stronger & more effective than APC’s & other tire cleaners 
  • Gel formula clings to the tire to prevent the cleaner from running down, onto the wheel.
OmniClean Concentrated 500ml 
OmniClean 500ml Tire Cleaner

You will be surprised at just how dirty your tyre can get just look at the image below showing the tyre being scrubbed with OmniClean you can see how brown the foam is coming off the tyre as the dirt is being released from the surface of the tire the powerfull decreasing properties of OmniClean working to remove the trapped dirt    

Dirty Tire Tyre using OmniClean Tire cleaner


The only way to know when your tyres are clean are when the foam being produced when scrubbing with the brush is pure white with brown in the foam & there no beading on the surface as beading means there is still something on the tyre likey a dressing that silicon-based this will interfere with Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour & any other sort of tyre dressing you going to apply  

Foam white Cleaning with OmniClean

Using OmniClean will remove any tire dressing dirt or old wax/browning on the tire to help any new tyre dressing, or tyre shine bond better to the surface, of the tire and will last longer and should also help prevent the risk of the tyre shines sling off your tires

What About Changing Your Tyre Dressing 

the only other way to stop your tyre dressing from sling off the tyres & lasting longer on tyres is to change what you're currently using to dresses the tyres for one that is a longer-lasting tyre dressing & won't sling off flick over the car's bodywork  

We think you should choose Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour why?

Black Pearl Trim and Tire Armour Black Plastic Trim Restorer & Tyre Coating

Because Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour can last up to 6 months & will not sling off your tyres, in fact, it remains dry to the touch even if you wipe your hands or cloth over the coated tyre your hands will remain clean 

Black Pearl Trim and Tire Armour Black Plastic Trim Restorer & Tyre Coating



The main features & benefits to using Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour as a tyre dressing are below  

Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour Product Befits

 Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour

  • Is long-lasting it can last up to 6 months  
  • Won't wash off with a power washer or when washing the car 
  • Easy to apply to your tyres we even include a 2-inch roller & foam applicator
  • Has no silicons solvents & is free of VOC making it safe to use in car auto body shops  
  • Comes in a matt finish & a gloss finish so you can have the finish you want 
  • Water & Polymer-based tyre dressing remains dry to the & will no smear 

There are many more reasons to try out Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour we even have a 30ml tester size bottle from 9.99 that will coat 4 tyres at 2 coats perfect to try out we see many customers try out the 30ml & come back for 118ml bottle  

Our Test OmniClean Vs All-Purpose Cleaner 

we applied the normal silicon-based tyre shine you get at any out side car wash applied it to a tyre let it sit for a few hours then used OmniClean on one side &

APC all-purpose cleaner on the other to test which one cleaned the tire the fastest & removed the beading the silicon-based tyre shine left as when there is no beading this would show it has been removed  

OmniClean only took 3 rounds of the powerful cleaner to remove all browning & tyre shine to leave the tyre cleaner clean free of dirt 

all-purpose cleaner after 10 goes with the cleaner did remove the beading but had removed some of the browning on the tyre this test shows how an all-purpose cleaner will not be able to clean the tyre effectively 

just look at the results below the image shows perfectly  

we hope this has helped & if you know of any tips to make your tyre dressing leave your comments below 

Why not check out our full store or Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour 

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