Why Does Plastic Trim Fade & Go Grey In The First Place

We know that plastic trim over time will start to fade over time going grey and will get worse over time taking on a whitish oxides look sort like it has been bleached in the more extreme cases

And if you live in a hot country then clearly this is the sun doing its best to damage the plastic with the UV Rays helping speed up the fading & oxidation process

What Damages Your Trim

There are many things like the sun that speed up the fading process, but it’s the plastic itself and what its made from or what it's not made from that is why it fades going more grey than black

Trim Dressing Products Can Harm Your Trim 

Damaged faded oxidises front plastic bumper

But did you know some products that are marketed to care, restore & protect your plastic trim can do the very opposite of just that

yes I know its mad to thick that product like trim dressings products contain silicon that can harm your plastic over time with repeated uses & solvents that might harm the plastic trim 

Why Silicon-Based Trim Dressing Are Bad  

silicon is not what you want in your plastic trim dressing it will leave a high gloss greasy wet film that will just wash off in a few days or weeks & can often leave the surface looking streaky aa it will not dry remaining wet 

  silicon-based trim dressing or products with silicone in them offer a very temporary fix to your plastic trim both interior or exterior they darken the surface often leaving a good finish at first but soon faded away leaving the unrestored dull faded trim  

Trim Shines & Black To Black Products Don't Protect Your Plastic Trim   

And well they may offer a very limited amount of protection for a few days or weeks & enhance the look of the trim, but the silicons & solvents in these products can speed up the fading process by damaging the trim 

Prolonged use of products with a silicon trim dressing week in week out will keep causing more damage to the trim while adding a high gloss look to your plastic trim & it's only when it washes this is just quick fix & is masking the problem 

Off that, you see how bad the trim has faded as faded

But Why Does My Plastic Trim Faded

Plastic trim fades due to the impurities in the plastic of the trim used for car bumpers and trim pieces

To help cut cost when manufacturing the plastic trim is essentially watered down and it's these impurities in the plastic that are the main reason why your plastic bumpers faded 

so when the suns UV rays penetrate the plastic trim it more susceptible to fading this is also true for chemicals can damage the plastic causing stains or fading  

So how can you stop or prevent & even restore your plastic trim

faded plastic bumper

Stop using any products with silicons or solvents in them these products are only going to harm the plastic trim on your car

Products that normally come in aerosol like your typical black to black-type trim dressing don’t last very long typically a few weeks so they are just going to disappoint you & why often have silicon in them 

Is There A Product That Permanently Restores Trim For Months Or Even Years

Oh yes, there is an amazing product that will fully restore your plastic trim its called Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour is a better approach to tire shine. It is the ultimate trim & tire coating.

Permanent Black Trim restoring

When you try  Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour, we are sure you will love it, as we get so many repeat orders.

Works As A Tyre Dressing As Well As Trim Restorer 

This amazing product is easy to apply to both tyes and trim. It will restore and revitalise both black, and grey faded plastic trim.

It leaves the plastic trim dry to the touch; it won't smear or wash off with a power washer, or even if acid or alkaline cleaners are applied it remains in place

Permanent tyre coating Black Pearl Trim Tyre Armour

It will protect the trim with unrivalled durability lasting months and even years, helping to stop the suns UV rays from damaging and fading the trim. Even more, the polymers can resist the harsh chemicals contained within wheel cleaners and traffic film removers.

The product is completely safe to apply all types of rubber, plastic and vinyl surfaces. So it is perfect for tires, plastic car bumpers, trim, rubber moulding, and rubber mats

Interior Grey Colour Plastic Restored Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour Grey Trim

There are no silicons or solvents in the product, unlike many traditional tire shines which can cause damage to your tires and trim.  This happens because they dry out the rubber & speed up the fading process of plastic trim.

Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour is water and polymer-based. It does not contain any volatile organic compounds, (VOCs) like some trim restoring products.

It can be used as a versatile tire dressing, combining the benefits as listed above. Once applied correctly to tires, the coating can last for up to 6 months.

Permanent Black Tyre Dressing

Unlike oil-based tire shines, and other water-based tire dressings it won’t just wash off, neither will this durable coating sling off the tires once applied. Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour comes in both a gloss & matt version, which means there is a finish to suit everyone. Professionally we find most people we see are looking for a matt tire dressing, preferring this to the typical gloss or high gloss look that most tire shine products come in. By layering up the product you can achieve the high gloss appearance you desire, increasing the numbers of layers you apply will also increase the durability of the product, and the depth of colour when applying the matt version.

Features & Benefits 


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