Black Pearl kerosene 250ml

Black Pearl kerosene Tyre Cleaner Removes Anti Rot Wax 250ml

Black Pearl Coatings

  • £3.99

  • Quick & effective  
  • Removes the anti-rot wax 
  • Leaves minimum residue  
  • The only product to leave your tyres truly clean  

Kerosene can be used on tyres to effectively remove the top layer of anti-rot wax, which if left can interfere with the Black Pearl Trim and Tire Armour.

Please note OmniClean will not remove the anti-rot wax that is found on new tyres with fewer than10,000miles on them.  

250ml is generally enough to clean 4 tyres depending on how saturated with anti-rot wax they are. 

When we tested other products, for example; paint thinners, we found kerosene was the most effective at dissolving & removing the wax. 

How kerosene can be used in a waterless method 

Kerosene can also be used instead of using Omniclean for a waterless cleaning method or if you have chrome or uncoated metal wheels.

OmniClean like any alkaline-based cleaner will leave white spots that will need polishing off with metal polish. 

This method can be used on any tyres so long as the loose dirt has first been removed using a power washer. You will also need to use more microfibre cloths, as these are likely to become quickly clogged with dirt and wax.  

How To Use Kerosene And OmniClean In A One-Step Cleaner  

If you are looking for a quick way to clean your tyres in preparation for a coating of Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour, then we recommend you try this method

Use OmniClean mix 1-1  & kerosene spray on the tyre, scrub well, wipe or rinse off until the foam becomes white and no water beading is present. The tyre will have a matt look rather than the darker appearance it had previously.

How To Use Kerosene After OmniClean 

  • Firstly, ensure the surface of the tyres are dry  
  • Use an older but clean microfibre cloth 
  • Pour some of the Kerosene onto the cloth. Please note, you will usually need to use the whole 250ml bottle when cleaning all 4 tyres. If you don't have enough kerosene on the cloth, you will not be able to remove all the wax   
  • Wipe across the tyre with pressure to ensure you clean in all the grooves & lettering  
  • Flip the towel over as the microfibre will become clogged with wax quickly
  • Wipe around the tyre a few times, always finishing with a clean side of your microfiber cloth. Leave the tyre to dry 
  • Once cleaned, the tyre should have a matt finish, this will show there isn't any wax left on the tyre 
  • Don't worry if you get any black marks on the cloth; this is not a problem with the tyre 
  • For best results, leave for up to 15 mins to let the tyre air and any residue to dry  



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