Mad for Detailing Large & Small Soft Detailing Cleaning Sash Brush Set

Mad for detailing

  • £0.99

  • All plastic design to prevent from scratching the surface 
  • Soft non-scratch bristles  
  • Comfortable, lightweight & easy to use 
  • 10 different sizes for cleaning all parts of the car 
  • Use when washing your car to get parts a wash mitt cant  

More About The Brushes    

    The perfect tool for every day detailing with so many uses & not just for your vehicle we find lots of uses for these brushes around the home

    and with so many different sizes you can clean any part of the car, home, van, boats, caravans, or motorhome, for cleaning all vehicle parts from 

    Where To Use 

    wheels, engines, door & boot shuts, rubber seals, panel gaps, leather seats, exterior & interior plastics trim. They are even perfect for getting into lug nuts where other brushes won't.

    No Metal Parts 

    These brushes have no metal components, they are made from plastic to they won't scratch the surface being cleaned should you hit the brush again any of the bodywork 

    Chemically Resistant Bristles  

    They can be used with both acid & alkaline cleaners like engine cleaners, degreasers, wheel cleaners, all-purpose cleaner, the brushes are

    chemically resistant we recommend rinsing after using to keep the bristles soft & in good condition   

    We have the largest variety of different sizes & can offer discounts on packs of 5 or more.  

    Cleaning Rubber Seals Grills & Car Banges 

    there are parts of the extreior of your vehicle what will get missed and where a wash mitt just can't reach this allows dirt to build up 

    this is always most event in car bages around the letting you see a line of dirt surrounding the letting 

    Material Of The Sash Brush  

     They are made from a durable plastic including the ferrule, which is the red part of the brush. These are sometimes metal, which means that potentially they can

    cause significant damage if they come into contact with the surfaces being cleaned. The bristles are very soft so they can be used safely on most surfaces.

    Cleaning Door Shuts & Boot Shuts

    if not quite sure what these are they are the painted metal that is exposed when opening the door or boot and they can become extremely dirty over time 

    with moss even starting to grow on some parts if left & the dirt and become hard to remove as it builds up around places like door latches and struts

    that hold up the boot the grease builds up attracting more dirt becoming a sticky mess of dirt grease & grime 

    using our sash brushes to clean & remove the stubborn dirt is the best way to loosen & scrub away any grease & grime that has built up over time 

    plus with our range of different sizes, you use a bigger brush for larger areas & smaller brushes for more detailed work like cleaning the door hinges to ensure 

    every part is clean just use a good degreaser like OmniClean to make it super quick & easy    


    Using To Clean Engine Bays

     The tight, awkward & hard to reach in your engine can make it hard to clean especially as this is where most dirt grease & grime builds up over time

     using these brushes to clean & gentle agitated & loosen the dirt to be rinsed off is a better way rather than using the power washer

    which might force water into parts of the engine bay that won't like water

    and to ensure the plastics parts are thoroughly clean & free of ingrained dirt using a soft sash brush to gently scrub down the surface 

    to free the trapped dirt is the best method to clean & degrees your engine to bring it back to new again

    The perfect tool for detailers with so many uses. Ideal for the home and car. Available in many different sizes 

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