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Mad for Detailing Hybrid Double Sided Sheepskin Wash Mitt

Mad for Detailing Hybrid Double Sided Sheepskin Lambswool Super Soft Wash Mitt Ultra Thick

Mad for Deatiling
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  • Wool Made From the best Australian sheepskin
  • Won't leave swirls or scratches on your cars paintwork or other surfaces as the extra-long wool will help catch any dirt holding it way from the paintwork
  • Holds an incredible amount of car shampoo soap you're going need to a bigger bucket this sheepskin wash mitt will drink so much car shampoo
  • Combines both long & short lambswool, so you have the choice of both when you wash your car it will fit with the flexible cuff will keep your hand in the mitt without it falling off your hand as you wash your car
  • The sheepskin, lambswool is super soft ultra-thick & plush to the touch the wool is sourced from Australia for its high quality & softness of the wool
  • The weight of the mitt when full of water & car soap means you can push it across the surface of your cars paintwork & feel it glide over so easily well keeping in contact with surface washing away the dirt & traffic effortlessly

We Say 

"The ulmate sheepskin wash mitt taking the long wool with the short, dense wool to create a superior washing mitt for clean your car holding the most amount car shampoo of any wash mitt we sell this truly one hell of a lambswool wash mitt made with soft Australian wool, so it harms any of surfaces of your car"

A true monster wash mitt with its extra-long ultra-soft sheepskin wool at 7cm long these mitts are going to better than wash mitts you tried before & hold more shampoo as well

The short ultra-dense wool on the back of the wash mitt has incredible deep plush pile over 2.5 cm deep perfect for gently wash & cleaning the paintwork of your car

The sheepskin wash mitt feels extremely premium to the touch & has a high-quality construction that will ensure it lasts wash after wash & if you take care of your wash mitt it can last up to incredible 150 washes

This will, of course, depend on how well you look after the sheepskin how its used and other factors

lambswool mitt is one of the best wash mitts to minimise the risk of marring or leaving swirls in your cars paintwork thanks to ultra-long sheepskin making washing with this mitt ultra-safe to use

if you have softer paintwork that marks so easily
this ultra-soft sheepskin mitt is perfect to use on the softer paintwork to help prevent any wash inflicted marring this mitt will truly clean your car carefully

Sheepskin Lambswool What The Difference?
while there is a difference in a sheep vs a lamb when we talk about wash mitts there no difference it’s the same wool

it's just what brands & manufacturers like to call their products

we prefer to call our sheepskin but we will often refer to both when describing the mitt

Care Is Important

Washing & Maintaining

• We recommend always washing the mitt by hand after using
• Leave to dry naturally.
• The mitt can not be machine washed; this will damage the wool/mitt.
• Only rinse with clean, warm water (not hot).
• Longwool wash mitts must be brushed with a hairbrush to maintain the wool after every use
• Do not drop the mitt onto the floor, or any other contaminated surface.
• If the mitt becomes covered in grit & dirt, we would strongly recommend that you replace the mitt, to stop any of grit potentially swirling the paintwork.

Please ensure you follow these exactly

A Quick Note

  • It is normal on the first use to lose a few bits of wool
  • also, avoid car bages with the long wool
  • When you brush the long wool, there will be a small amount of lose hair will come off that’s fine it has lots more wool (recommend using a metal brush)
  • Never leave the mitt wet or in a bucket ring out as much water as possible & leave to dry
  • Only use ph neutral shampoos & soaps

For Best Results

Use a snow foam & pressure washer to clean the surface first use a ph neutral shampoo with lots of lubricating factories & use a second mitt for the very bottom of the car use with a two bucket method as well this well keep the mitt clean & prevent & marring or swirl being put into your cars paintwork