Extra Soft Car Wash Glove
Mad for Detailing Ultra Soft Microfiber Wash Mitt Non Scratch Cleaning & Washing Sponge
Mad for Detailing Ultra Soft Microfiber Wash Mitt Non Scratch Cleaning & Washing Sponge

Mad for Detailing Ultra Soft Microfiber Wash Mitt Non Scratch Cleaning & Washing Sponge

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  • Ultra-soft, super-absorbent ultra-fine microfiber wash mitt is ideal for safely washing & cleaning your cars paintwork wheels & more it will help lift the loss dirt & traffic film for a scratch-free finish 

  • Made from high-quality microfiber with its 1000s of microfiber strands that help prevent any marring or scratching allowing you a safe washing mitt for your cars paintwork as you wash the surfaces of the cars delicate paintwork

  • It has a soft, flexible cuff to make it easy to take the mitt on or off with a fabric mesh inner lining inside the wash mitt that is nice to put your hand in & it also has a handy place in the mitt to grab you don't drop it on the floor  

  • designed to be durable to last wash after wash microfiber will remain soft & absorbent for many washes just follow our care guide below  

We Say

“Our best value microfiber wash mitt yet still made to a high quality with a soft plush pile microfiber perfect for use as a second mitt to wash the more dirty parts of the car or use on wheels.” 

Help Prevent Marring & Swirl Marks

Amazing value microfiber wash mitt with plush soft, deep pile microfiber to help you wash your car without leaving any of the wash marring swirls or scratches that can be but into the paintwork when you are doing a contact wash

The deep pile ultra-fine microfiber helps prevent the dirt or grit being dragged across the surface of your paintwork like a sponge with its flat surface would 

Larger Wash Mitt Size 18x28cm

Slightly larger than most wash mitts to help you clean your car quickly to speed the washing of larger surface areas

Glides Across Your Paintwork

This microfiber wash mitt will glide across your cars paintwork with ease making washing your vehicle super easy 

Works Well On Wheels

You always want to use a separate wash mitt for the wheels to prevent any cross-contamination as the brake dust will cause marring & swirls marks in your paintwork

As the iron is every sharp so using a different mitt to the one you wash your cars paintwork is key to keeping the paintwork swirl-free & using this mitt work well both at the price point & getting into the tight gaps & spokes of the wheels well making cleaning the face of wheel easy

You won't want a super thick overall expensive wash mitt to clean the wheels specials if have difficult wheels to clean  

For best results always use a wheel cleaner that is safe to use a ph neutral is recommend this will ensure you don’t harm any of the surfaces near your wheels or your wheels themself

You Won't Drop This Mitt 

To stop you from dropping the mitt on the floor inside the mitt there is a handgrip to prevent this from happing which is one of the most annoying things that can happen when you're washing your car 

Using A Second Wash Mitt 

The lower you go on the car, the dirtier it's lightly to be as the tyres kick up the dirt & removing this dirt will leave your wash mitts dirt this dirt could remain in the mitt and Scarth other parts of the car

This why some detailers will use a second mitt to help prevent this & will help you stop you using nice wash mitts on the dirt parts of the car

This wash mitt is very flexible & will help you clean & wash all the harder areas of your car you need to clean that are harder to reach with other wash mitts or sponges

Double-Sided Microfiber Wash Mitt 

To help make the microfiber wash mitt super absorbent to hold the most amount of car soap & shampoo this mitt is double-sided & the long pile of the microfiber soaks up lots car shampoo

helping the mitt, even more, to glide over the paintwork & loosen the dirt & traffic film safely washing & rinsing it off your vehicles surfaces  


If you're looking for more premium thicker version then why not try out this

Wash Mitt Spec 

Brand  Mad for Detailing
Material  Microfiber
Type Wash Mitt 
Size  18x28cm
Double-Sided  Yes
Soft Flexible Cuff   Yes 
Made In  China 



Always use a high quaily car shampoo that has lubricating properties this help you a lot when washing your car & use only a ph neutral shampoo


How To Care For Your Microfibre Wash mitt  

Washing & Drying

  • Rinse after every use still free of shampoo
  • We don’t recommend any machine cleaning
  • But if you do only wash at 40oc 
  • Do not use fabric sorters or normal clothes detergent
  • Use only soap flakes, microfibre wash solution or just water 
  • Don’t Dry with Heat
  • For best results leave to dry naturally

When Washing Your Car With This Wash Mitt We Always Recommend 

  • using a ph neutral shampoo 

  • in conjunction with the two bucket method

  • wash in straight lines  

  • start from the top & work your way down 

When washing your car ensure the mitt is clean & in good condition other replace with a new one this will help minimise the risk of wash infected marring  

The two bucket method is to stop the risk of reintroducing any grit or dirt back on to your cars paintwork so you always have a clean bucket of shampoo rather than dirt water