Ceramic Coating Booster 30 mL

Mad for Detailing M5 Maintain Ceramic Coating Booster 30ml

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  • Simple spray & wipe product 
  • Easy to use
  • Enhances the self-cleaning properties  
  • Creates a superhydrophobic water replaying coating
  • Boosts & top-ups the self-cleaning & beading properties  of M10 Coat
  •  Help prevent water spots by up to 98% 
  • A little goes a long away 

What is this product for 

 after a few weeks/months the ceramic coating will start to lose the beading properties they first had when applied this means the water is slower to bead off the paintwork of your car to keep the water beading

you have to add special products to boost & increase the beading back to the original leaves of when the coating was first applied 

this applies to all ceramic coating and will depend on where the car is parked miles coved weather temperatures & how the coating is cleaned & cared 

you will be looking to apply these every 3 - 6 months as & when need   

M5 Maintain 


is designed to care for  & boost the self-cleaning & beading put down by M10 coat it is easy to use & can be applied after washing the vehicle 

this will create incredible tight beading & will quickly sheet the water off the paintwork for quicker drying & help element any water beading 


Questions & Awansers 

Can I use this with other Ceramic coatings, Yes but we would always recommend using this as the only product you use to top up M10 Coat  

How do I know when to use this product on my coated car When the beading and sheeting is less normal around 3 - 6 months depending on how much traffic the coating gets  

Can I use this on an uncoated surface  ie a surface that has not been coated with M10 Coat, yes you can but for best & optimal protection we would always recommend using on a coated car but if not the product will add good beading to the paintwork   

what happens if don't use this product on the coated paintwork The beading will be less & less over the weeks months & years & coating will not repel any water

Whats inclined in the kit in every kit you will get 30ml the product the complete kit includes the product + 1 microfibre foam applicator pad & 1 x  Korean microfiber towel to making applying & wiping easy the complete kit includes everything you need to apply & remove the product