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Mad for Detailing Perfect Hold Sheepskin Wash Mitt White

Mad for Detailing Perfect Hold Sheepskin Wash Mitt & Lambswool Ultra Soft Long Hair

Mad for Deatiling
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  • Super long soft wool
  • Won't Marr or Swirl Your Paintwork
  • Glides over the paintwork
  • Open glove design helps prevent you from dropping the mitt
    • Made From the best Australian sheepskin

    This is another of our favourite sheepskin wash mitts; it's one of the most comfortable & lightest mitts to use.

    The long wool sheepskin is from Australia as it is undoubtedly the best & softest wool.
    The reason why the long wool is perfect for washing your car is; that the mitt will grab any grit and the long wool will help to ensure it is kept away from the paintwork, to help prevent or minimise the chance of marring when washing the car.

    Its open Glove Design makes it incredibly practical to use and if you generally don't like using mitts then try this one, Give this one a try, we think you will really like this design of mitt.

    To get the best from The Perfect Hold Sheepskin Wash Mitt

    We recommend using it in conjunction with:

    • Two bucket method.
    • pH neutral shampoo.
    • Using a separate mitt, for the lower areas of the vehicle.

      Caring for Sheepskin Wash Mitt


      Washing & Maintaining

      • We recommend always washing the mitt by hand.
      • Leave to dry naturally.
      • Although the mitt can be machine washed, this may damage the wool/mitt.
      • Only rinse with warm water.
      • Long wool wash mitts, must be brushed with a hairbrush to maintain the wool.
      • Do not drop the mitt onto the floor, or another contaminated surface.
      • If the mitt becomes covered in grit & dirt we would strongly recommend that you replace it, to stop any of grit/contaminants potentially swirling the paintwork.