Car Liquid Ceramic Coat
Mad for Detailing M10 Ceramic Coating being on to microfiber applicator
Mad for Detailing M10 Ceramic Coating being applied to microfiber applicator
Mad for Detailing M10 Ceramic Coating being applied to red paintwork
Mad for Detailing M10 Ceramic Coating on red paintwork showing flashing
Mad for Detailing M10 Ceramic Coating being wiped off with a microfiber towel
Mad for Detailing M10 Ceramic Coating after applying showing gloss & shine
Mad for Detailing M10 Ceramic Coating after applying showing gloss & shine

Mad for Detailing H10 Ceramic Coating M10 Coat

Mad for detailing
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  • 10H permanent ceramic coating
  • Super 10H hardness
  • Anti-Scratch protective coating
  • Creates a superhydrophobic water replaying coating 
  • Makes cleaning drying & maintain easier 
  • Easy to apply to your paintwork 



Mad for Detailing M10 coat is a permanent 10h ceramic coating that harder than normal the more common 9h ceramic coating it has 10h leaves of hardest which help protect any coated surfaces

Adds Shine & Gloss 

like paintwork increase the gloss & enhances the  depth leaving the paintwork & other surfaces flawless

creating shine whilst adding a 10h protective permanent ceramic coating to seal & protect the paintwork maintaining the rich gloss & shine of the coated paintwork

10h & The Ceramic Coating Benefits 

10h is harder & our permanent 10h ceramic coating offers amazing benefits

like advanced anti-scratch properties that help reduce wash inflicted marring & scratching and some light scratches

can even be wiped with a clean microfibre towel to remove the light scratches thanks to 10h hardest of ceramic coating

Self Cleaning & Water Sheeting 

the Ceramic coating has self-cleaning properties that help keep the surface cleaner but more importantly, helps with normal washing, cleaning & maintain making it a lot easier as well as quicker making washing your car much more efficient 

No Water Left On The Surface  

The water-sheeting is simply amazing and when flooding the area with water most water will sheet straight off the coated panel leaving virtually no water remaining 

Helps With Drying Your Car 

This will help minimise drying the car & help prevent any watermarks from happing  & will also help rejuice wiping with a microfibre towel helping to prevent marring when drying your paintwork with a microfibre towel drying vastly speeding up the time it normally takes to dry your car & making it a lot safer 


This coating is easy to use & apply plus with our included microfibre applicator pad it's much quicker & easy to coat your car especially with all the curves & contours of the surface of the car vents, air scoops, & wings can be coated   

minimal maintenance  

 After applying your ceramic coating normal waxing will not be needed however there is still some maintained need to help keep & maintain the self-cleaning properties & water beading this will help keep the coating in tip-top condition 

 you need to use M5 Maintain as and when need normal every 3 to 6 months this is a simple spray & wipe product that topes ups & maintains the self-cleaning & water repellency properties to ensure the coat is protecting your car paintwork 

along with normal paint decontamination methods & products like claying & iron removers to remove contaminants like rail dust brake dust overspray & industrial fallout as if not remove could damage coating & the clear coat that sets on top of your paintwork   

Ceramic Spec 

Hardest H10 

Durability up to 5 Years + 

Ph Tolerance acid 2 - alkaline 12 

Water Contract Angle 120 degrees 

Heat Resistance up to 780 degrees  

 Questions & Awansers 

Can I apply after coating the vehicle with M10 Coat no we would recommend applying after a few days but it's recommended after a few months there will no benefit to applying after M10 Coat & better to let the coating full flash & cure to your paintwork 

Can I apply this product on anything else other than my paintwork yes you can apply to your wheels & some types of plastic just do not apply to glass or windscreens when applying we always recommend applying to door & boot shuts to ensure every part of the car is protected 


Is m10 coat going to help protect my car if it should get spray paint on it, yes M10 coat has anti-graffiti properties which stop the paint from boding to the clear coat so freshly applied graffiti can even be wiped off

What about light scratches M10 coat has advanced anti-scratch properties that mean some marks & light scratches can be wiped away with a microfibre towel 

is it  easy to apply & use yes this is very easy to use ceramic coating  its spreads easily & wipes off we would always recommend polishing the surface first to remove any marring or surface defects  & after applying to leave the vechival where possible inside to cure fully for 24 to 48 hours

what happens if the coating dries to the surface or I spot a high point simply apply the coating over the area with the microfibre applicator to re the coating and follow with the microfibre towel for fresh spots otherwise a light polishes should remove the high spot & replay to the surface to protect the paintwork

how many cars can I do with a 20ml bottle  depants on the size of each vehicle & if you car applying to your  wheels & door shuts  but you should 1 -3 cars depending on the surface area 

what do get in the kit in out basic kit you 20ml of m10 coat plus a microfibre applicator to apply the coating then you have a Dulux kit  which includes 20ml of M10 coat as well as the Microfibre applicator plus 2 Koren Microfibre towels for removing & wiping off the excess coating from the paintwork 

long do you expect the coating to last the coating is designed to last many years when applied correctly & maintained the coating will last over 5 years however the coating could last much longer however we ways recommend a light polish & top up of m10 to ensure maximum protection after 5 years on a daily driver 

when can I next wash the vehicle  we recommend leaving up to 7 days for washing the car why because the coating will still be curing up to 7 days later