About Black Pearl & Robert Liversage

Robert Liversage developed Black Pearl Tire & Trim Armour (& we think he’s a genius)

Robert’s Background

He obtained a Bachelors Degree in Chemistry from the University of Waterloo, in Ontario, Canada, and a Masters Degree in Chemistry from the University of Toronto, inOntario, Canada.

His employment experience was as an analytical chemist. He worked in the environmental and pharmaceutical laboratory industries, and at the Proctor & Gamble research facility in Cincinnati.

How Robert Started To Develop Black Pearl.

He started developing the polymer coating when a friend, who had inherited the ‘know how’ for an acrylic polymer clear coat. He was

asked if he would try modifying it because that original formula contained 20% volatile solvents, so was classified as a HazMat, and made shipping relatively expensive.

Was It Fun or Frustrating Creating A Better Tire Shine?

Robert enjoyed the process of doing literature searches, experimentation, and technical discussions with the chemical suppliers, in order to discover the appropriate additives to use in place of the solvents.

When he had completed that initial formula, he went around his home and applied it to everything, in an attempt to discover its full use and potential. This included car tires!

The Original Formula

The original formula looked great on tires, but once the tires started rolling, the coatings cracked and peeled quickly.

He went on to the market the original formula for other uses, including concrete, wood, and painted surfaces, but developing the tire application was an area that he was most interested in.

Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour Gloss

Final Testing

Four years on, dozens of test samples, several resin and additive changes later, the product was finished.

The main attributes of this polymer-based approach are that it lasts much longer than conventional dressings, rain or the car wash does not damage it nor does it evaporate on sunny days,

Other Product Benefits

It does not sling onto the side of your car or smear on your hands, clothing, etc. It does not contain any hazardous substances.

In my opinion, the black-tinted products look more professional on tires than conventional silicone based dressings.
I offer Black Pearl in both a Gloss and Matte finish.
It is an excellent product for use on plastic and vinyl trim, as well as rubber tires & mats.

Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour Matt

About Black Pearl UK

Black Pearl UK is part of, 'Mad for Detailing, Suppliers For Auto Perfection'.

'Mad for Detailing', was founded by Thomas Robinson. I am mad about finding the most amazing detailing products, & making them readily available in the UK & Europe.

What Does Mad For Detailing Do? 

We find products that take a different approach to detailing. This is why Black Pearl fits our ethos so perfectly. We know of many detailers & enthusiasts who have been wanting & looking for years for a product like this.

We started by becoming the sole UK distributor, and we are now part of Black Pearls expansion into Europe, by becoming the Sub Europen Distributor. We so proud to have been given Europe, & are delighted to be able to a part of this exciting development.

Don’t Be Shy

Please feel free to ask Tom Or Robert any questions, and we will be more than happy to answer any queries you have and pass on any expert advice. We believe that Black Pearl is, a better approach to tire shine. We can’t hide how happy this product makes us. So why don't you try it and let us know how you feel?