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see why Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour is a clear choice to use with any detail to coat any black or grey faded trim to enhance & protect the trim look at the finish left by Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour black tint matt it looks simply amazing a deep dark black matt look that is truly unique finish that looks better than other tyre dressing with Black Pearl you get professional results to vinyl, plastic & rubber surfaces    

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Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour Tyre Coating on a Porsche GT3 RS Wheels & Tyres 5 Coats of Matt 

Offer A Service with A Product That Works

Once you have used Black Pearl you will see for yourself just how good it is. Backed up by many 5 star reviews & used by professional detailers, Black Pearl can help you to offer a service like no other. 


Before & After Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour Black Tint Gloss Plastic Trim Scratches Hiden

See how in the image above the black tint has covered up the scratches in the plastic trim to look all most like new again the tint in black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour tint can help cover up scratches like this in interior or exterior surfaces & offering this sort of services to customers will be unique & amazing & your customers will love to see the results   
Black Pearl permanently restorer the plastic the coating can last for many months even years & the as the tint comes in both grey & black you can easily restore any coloured trim that needs protecting or restoring 
Grey Plastic Trim Restored Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour Grey Tint Gloss Finish

Don't Offer Temporary Fixes

as most trim dressing / restores  & tire shines / dressing  will only lasts a few weeks or just wash off in the rain as normal silicon based products offer disappointing results on both rubber & plastic trim offer your customers a more permanent product that will not just wash off even with a presser washer the coating will remain in place
Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour Being power washed but not coming off
the image shows how even with high presser water the coating will not come off the tyre 
and the coating will not just simply sing off like other tyre dressing & tyre shines the coating will dry to the touch & not feel or look greasy many tyre dressing will simply sling off Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour will not sling off your tyres 
The ultra durable coating can lasts on your tyres up to 6 months which is makes it one of longest lasting tyre dressing products on the market
your customers want the car to look as good as possible for as long as possible & Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour will help with this it can outlast many spray waxes & normal waxes when lasts for the 6 months & it can last even longer

Use On The Interior Plastic Trim As Well 

image shows BMW interior dressed with Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour Clear Matt 

with Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour its not just about the exterior of the car its about the interior as that where you spend most of time & the plastic is subject to UV rays, daily wear & tear the mostly plastic or vinyl like surfaces need protecting from staining & getting ingrained dirt & more

as most interior dressing & protector type products are water based they don't last more than a week & are easily washed off while the polymers in Black Pearl trim & tire armour make sure the coating stays in place even if you clean

your interior with products like all purposes cleaners it come off or harm the coating making it the best product to use to protect the plastic trim, dash board & central console you can use on any rubber mats, plastic trim, rubberised trim (soft touch), vinyl or leather like surfaces   


before & after aplying black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour Black Tint Matt on faded Black Coloured Trim  

Make Money 

whilst not every one may like take about this but the fact is that Black Pearl is high quality product that offers results far better than other similar products & extra time is need to spent on the prep to get the results so its only right you charge a  premium price for a premium product & a  premium service

and many detailters do it for love of cleaning & polishing making cars to look there best its right that you get paid for work & silk         

Black Pearl is a high-quality product, which we feel should be offered to customers as an additional service from your normal detailing. We recommend that with prices starting at approximately £60.00 to dress all four tires,

it is important to ensure that the customer gets an amazing service & you are able to make money on the service provided.


Matt Vs Gloss Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour

Give The Customer The Finish They Like

Black Pearl comes in both Gloss & Matt finish & adding more layers of the product will increase the the gloss leave this means that you have a lot of control over the finish you delivery not only to tyres but also plastic trim so should your customer only want a gloss look or even a high look you can use only the gloss version to deliver a high gloss & this works if the they would like a matt or satin look to there tyres or trim leaves a more natural new look to your tyres 

as most tyre dressing on the market off a high gloss look that often look very greasy & leave a bad finish we feel that Black Pearl gives a better finish with both the matt & gloss look giving a much more premium finish that is clear to see  


4 tyres coated with gloss Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour

shows gloss & high gloss examples on rubber tyres 

More Details About Becoming An Approved Installer

black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour Approved Installer certificate

The Benefits of Becoming Approved 

We would like to tell you about the  of being one of our approved installers.

Firstly, we will put your details on our site, this includes your email, phone number and place of work. If you are a mobile detailer or have a detailing studio, this will enable potential customers to contact you easily.

This will help to showcase your work and increase your business potential.

We will offer you exclusive discounts on all Black Pearl products, which you purchase directly from our site.

We will offer you early access to all new products.
Once approved, you will receive a certificate and have access to approved installer artwork which will contain your company name.

Promotional products will be available.

Who We Are Looking For

We are looking for skilled, professional detailers & valeters to show Black Pearl off to its full potential.

This includes having a good working knowledge of the products. (We do not want people assuming that Black Pearl is just another tire dressing or, that it is a tire paint).

You must be enthusiastic about detailing & car cleaning, have an excellent reputation and be passionate about using only the best products on your customers' cars.

You must have good presentation and customer interaction skills. How do we assess whether or not you meet our criteria? We would look at who else you are accredited with.

We will not accept anyone, who is not fully insured.
Your social media and customer satisfaction comments.

And most importantly, that you have demonstrated you can correctly prepare surfaces and apply Black Pearl to trim & tires. That you are knowledgeable about Black Pearl and the benefits these products provide.

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Cost of Becoming Approved

We offer 2 different types of approved installer a free pack which designed valets offering a few details packs but who like to offer Black Pearl as part of there detailing pack 


  • 50 A5 Leaflets
  • 2 Certificate
  • Discount off the products 

 & then we have our premium pack which gives you 118 ml grey matt, clear matt & gloss & 473 of black Matt & Gloss plus 1 roller banner & a3 board with a full list of services available this gives you all products that you need & offers detailters with a unit to displace and advise that black pearl is service you offer 

Includes Also 

  • 2 Certificate 
  • 5 Litres of omniclean tyre cleaner 
  • 20 foam applicators
  • 3 trays & rollers 
  • 50 A5 Leaflets  

You will be given a price list and discount code There no minimum order amount per order, so you can buy as little or as much as you need. Please note, over the year we ask that your orders total over £150.00 (see Terms & Conditions)

Marketing Support 

With your first order, you will be given 50 free A5 flyers which explain the product benefits, why they should have Black Pearl applied to their tires or trim and the difference between the Matt & Gloss finishes. There are no prices on the flyers or any details about recommended service costs.

Pricing & Costing For Services 

we have recommended pricing for all services to keep pricing simple we recommend you stick to these prices only charging more  if extra prep is needed or area is larger  

we offer services based on every part of car where you find 





One of the most critical aspects is communication, and our group whats app contains all our approved installers for the UK.


Robert who is the creator of Black Pearl is regularly available, so should have any questions you can very quickly get an answer from either myself or Robert or alternatively one of your fellow approved installers.

Through this, we can also discuss and new ideas and you can be notified of any updates. if you don’t have Whats App, don't worry, then a regular email is sent with any news & updates to everyone anyway


When you become an Approved Installer, you will receive a PDF & jpg of your certificate along with 2 paper copies printed on 350gsm paper.

One of which is laminated which can be used if you are a mobile detailer. The other one can be framed and is  perfect for unit based detailers

You can even choose to have your certificate printed on a roller banner or similar to make it really stand out if you would like. (At Detailers expense).


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