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Watch The Amazing Videos about Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour 

There are quite a few reviews done by professional detailers & product reviewers that can be found on YouTube We have listed all the videos below 

so you can see what Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour can do & why so many people love using it as there tire shine & to restore & protect there plastic trim  

Apex Detail 

Located in Wernersville Pa. Brian has 20+ years experience in detailing he offers a high end detailing services like paint correction, ceramic coatings & more A recognized and certified protective coating specialist if you're in Wernersville I guess you're in luck when looking for a detailer  

So when someone like brain from apex detail is using & Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour brian has made 3 videos about Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour

Showing the coating on tires & trim as well as showing the different methods of applying black Pearl 

 Applying Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour To Tires using An Airbrush & Roller Method

 the first video is about Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour the finishes it comes and what comes with the ie the roller 

and goes through prep ( we would all ways recommend using OmniClean & kerosene to clean the when applying to Tires) 

the video shows the roller method and how little product you need to coat a tire in the product 

and how to apply using a mini airbrush to show a different way of applying the product to the tires 

he splits a tire into 3 sections with one section applied with the roller the next using the airbrush & then a normal tire shine

showing the difference between the 3 sections and the difference between the tire coating and the normal tire shine  

using a dry microfiber towel to wipe each section to show how Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour does not sling off & remains dry to the touch on both section with Black Pearl The towel remains clean with no transfer of the product 

but when wiping the section with normal tire shine the towel picks the still wet product  

Restoring Black Plastic Trim using Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour Matt Semi-permanent Coating   

 what's the video about 

shows Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour being applied to different black trim showing how it restores the plastic bumpers & other trim parts to look like new 

Brian also uses both the roller to apply Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour & the airbrush an excellent video    

Testing Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour

 what's the video about 

Testing Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour on a piece of trim that is faded and in need of restoring shows how apex detail clean & prep the piece of trim he is working on 

using the gloss & matt version of Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour showing the differences & also rolling on the coating with the roller kit vs an airbrush  

& shows a selection of gloss on a tire wiping his hand over the cured coating shows how the coating is dry to the touch & won't sling off or smear   

Restoring Black Trim Using Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour To Revived & Bring Back The Trims

Torque Steer  First Impression & Review Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour 


 Buy Black Pearl 

Luke is a product tester for detailing products & car accessories his review looks at Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour both on tires & trim please look at the before & after on the mud flaps on Lukes own Audi A4 the different is amazing 

& luke uses Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour on his Audi A3 engine plastic parts to restore the back the deep dark look to the engine bay a fab review by torque steer & a big thanks to luke 

JP Details  A Full 6 Month Reviews Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour Gloss & Matt

 What is The Video About 

Take a look jp detail first thoughts from a professional detailers thoughts with his full 6-month review of Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour from cleaning to applying to what it looks like 6 months later

The review is thorough and we like to thank Jp detail for the time taken & joe is now one of our

Approved Installers click here to book Joe and click here to find out more about our approved installer    

BusyDadsWorkshop Taking about Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour 

 what's the video about 

about his experience using Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour Matt on his tires and applying on this tires & using OmniClean tire cleaner 

To clean the tire before applying the tire coating & using  paint thinner if the tire is new or is still beading after OnimClean (we recommend using kerosene rather than paint thinner)   

& shows applying the tire coating with the roller method with the wheels masked off to protect from getting the coating on the wheels

This is a reapplication of Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour before the winter 

Thanks for the fab video busy dads workshop   

BCCD Jax  Coating Tires Using The Roller Method 

 Bleach Stain Covered & Plastic Trim Restored 

 what's the video about 

if want to know why to chose black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour for restoring your plastic then watch this video 

The plastic trim on this jeep has Bleach damage and a result the beach has turned the plastic white where the Bleach has come in to contract with the plastic

& of course, has stained the trim after just 2 coats of Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour has covered the trim not only restoring the trim but coving the bleach stain as if it was never there 

using the black tint in the product to cover up the stain left from the bleach      

Paul Dolden Details 

 We can't thank Paul enough the first review Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour got in the UK  & we saw a lot of interest in the product & many of the reviews you see above are due to this one video 

& we appreciate the time taken to review the product & reaching out to us on Instagram Please, Please go and subscribe to his channel he has lots of fab videos on many different brands & products    

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