Best Disposable Gloves
Black Mamba Super Tough 1  NITREX® Polymer Disposable Gloves Per Box.
Black Mamba 100 NITREX® Polymer Disposable Gloves Box.
Black Mamba Super Tough Disposable Gloves Cleaning Leather car seat
Black Mamba Super Tough Disposable Gloves Cleaning Leather car seat
Black Mamba Super Tough Disposable Gloves Cleaning Leather car seat
Black Mamba Super Tough Disposable Gloves Cleaning Leather car seat

Black Mamba Super Tough NITREX® Polymer Disposable Gloves Chemical Resistance

Black Mamba
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  • Available in Small Medium Large X Large to fit all & any size hands  with being to loss or tight for the perfect fitting disposable gloves you could say they fit like a glove 
  • 6.0 mils thick black nitrile gloves so they won't tear like other latex & vinyl gloves super durable & flexible disposable gloves 
  • safe to use with many chemicals to use in wide range of different jobs whilst protecting your hands   
  • Powder-free disposable gloves to stop skin reacting. Perfect for people with sensitive skin 
  • Our choice every time for gloves when doing any detailing work they don't fail rip & tear like so many others we have tried in the past    

We Say 

 If your disposable gloves are alway tearing & getting ripped when your using them then try these black mamba disposable gloves there super tough & ultra-flexible

worth every penny by far the best disposable gloves you can buy what is the point of using gloves that rip as soon as you use them we can't say enough amazing words about these gloves 

whilst they may only be gloves sometimes it pays to have the best gloves for the job plush protecting your hands something we take very serious which is why these are the only gloves we use 

If your using gloves there is a reason you want to protect your hands from chemicals or thing else using these NITREX disposable gloves will protect your hands better than other cheaper gloves 

Black Mamba Super Tough NITREX® Polymer Disposable Gloves are our choice every time when we need any disposable gloves for detailing car or other dirty jobs 

made from black mamba patented NITREX® polymer for  superior chemical resistance to protect your skin from the nasty chemical your working with & would otherwise harm your skin 

at 6 mils thick it gives hands the perfect barrier whilst keeping your hands free with minimum loss of dexterity 

Perfect for small detailing jobs as well as bigger jobs 

Black Mamba Says  

Made with patented NITREX® polymer, this super-strong (6.0 mils) powder-free nitrile glove, boasts three times the chemical and puncture resistance of a comparable thickness latex or vinyl glove. These gloves feature our grip rite finish for secure handling and dexterity even when working with fine objects.

Black Mamba Disposable Gloves

Patented Nitrex polymer over 6.0 mils thick black nitrile.

Superior Two-ply fusion strength.

Made to be tough - for the task at hand.

Where To Use 

Vehicle Body Shops Chemical Engineers Office Cleaning 
Maintenance  Water Treatment Fabric & Carpet Cleaners 
Decorators / Painters  Agricultural Engineers Mot Car Garge 
Motor Mechanics Oven Cleaners Tire Repair Shop 
HVAC Engineers Waste Management Motor Cycle Mechanics 
Automotive Engineers  Vehicle Body Shops Light Gardening 
Plumbers Car Detailing Valeting  Commercial Vehicle Repair 
Cycle Mechanics  House Cleaning 


Important To Know 

Complies with the requirements of 89/686/EEC Council Directive based on the application of the EN 374-1/03, EN 374-2/03, EN 374-3/03 and EN 420/03 standards, as Category II PPE.

What's In The Box 

100 NITREX® Polymer Disposable Gloves Per Box.