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    Black Pearl Trim and Tyre Armour is a water-based, polymer-based tyre coating.

    The polymers employed are similar to those used in the architectural paint industry.

    Through a careful selection of additives, the final cured films have the necessary flexibility and durability to perform on tyre surfaces without cracking or separating.

    This is despite the stresses imposed by the ‘bend and stretch’ distortion forces associated with rotating tyres, and it can endure the harshest weather conditions. 

    Unlike conventional silicone oil-based products, Black Pearl does not contain any volatile organic compounds (VOC’s).

    It doesn’t contain any flammable, toxic, irritating, carcinogenic solvents or additives. Black Pearl will not damage paint, plastic, or any other surface-type that it may come into contact with.

    Unlike conventional products which usually contain petroleum distillates, which, with repeated use, may eventually damage tyres, It will not de-nature (i.e. damage) the original tyre rubber.

    Black Pearl’s unique composition means that it will not cause ‘fish-eye’ in auto body paint.

    How Black Pearl drys & why it won’t sling.   

    Black Pearl forms a dry film, which means that it does not sling or smear when dried.

    Unlike most tyre dressings which even when they are supposed to be dry, can still sling off and smear.

    Black Pearl's unique composition means that this doesn’t happen.

    Black Pearl will not harm/damage tyres or plastic trim. 

    Many tyre dressings are solvent-based or contain silicon which can damage the rubber tyre, causing it to dry out and crack.

    Silicon products can actually speed up the fading appearance of the plastic trim.

    As Black Pearl is water & polymer-based, it will not harm or damage any surfaces like the rubber & plastic trim.

    No need to continuously apply tyre dressing.

    Every time you clean your car, it is likely that you will have to reapply the tyre dressing because it has inevitably come off.

    Well, with Black Pearl lasting for up to six months you won't have to.


    Why we love Black Pearl so much.

    It’s the only tyre dressing we know of, that you can touch without getting black, dirty, oily hands after applying it.

    After all who also wants their tyres to be oily and greasy to the touch too?

    When detailing a car, applying the tyre dressing is always the last thing you do. This is because any polishing dust will stick to the tyres,

    your hands will be greasy after applying it. When applying any product to the tire, it's all too easy to get the dressing on the cloth & consequently all over the wheel.

    We also love the fact, that applying Black Pearl is so simple, and finally there is a tyre dressing that does not sling. 

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