Black Pearl Roller & Tray Set, Plus 4 Foam rollers

Black Pearl Coatings

  • £5.99

  • Includes 1 Tray 1 Roller 4 Foam Rollers 
  • If you need extra trays and rollers for applying Black Pearl Trim & Tire Armour to your tires & trim, these are available to purchase separately on our website.
  • These trays are made to fit a 2-inch roller
  • You will not find trays in the UK to fit a 2-inch roller
  • These rollers & tray are high-quality products and can be reused. 

    Black Pearl Roller & Tray Set. Plus 4 Foam Rollers.

    Should you need any spare rollers or even an extra tray, unfortunately, these products can be hard to source in the UK, as most trays are designed for 4-inch rollers. However, we stock them here.