Mad for Detailing Horse-Hair Brush for Leather & Fabric Cleaning

Mad for detailing

  • £8.99


  • Soft & gentle for cleaning delicate surfaces like leather, older fabrics & carpets. 
  • 100% horse-hair bristles set in a wooden block.
  • Makes cleaning larger surface areas easier, thanks to the larger brush size.
  • Stiffer brushes like nail brushes can be too aggressive & can damage the surface finish, this brush won't. 

Why choose This Brush For Cleaning Leather?

    Some brushes & products are too aggressive when cleaning real leather. Special care must also be taken when caring for coated leather, 

    Stiffer brushes can damage the surface of the leather very easily. Additional care should be taken when cleaning certain parts of the leather-like the driver's seat bolster. 

    This is why the horse-hair brush is so good.  The horsehair is soft & gentle yet still agitates the surface of the leather to remove any dirt or body oils from the grain of the leather. 

    It's also perfect for cleaning modern-day leather which is more than likely coated in clear plastic like your paintwork, and thanks to the larger brush size you can clean the leather quickly and effectively.

    Fabric Tops & Cloth Seats 

    If you have a fabric top to your car, the horse-hair bristles are perfect for cleaning it, especially if the fabric top is older and you don't want to use a stiff brush that might damage the fibres of the fabric. 

    Essentially, if you are looking for a brush to clean any fabric, carpet, leather, plastic or vinyl without the fear of scratching or damaging the surface, then this is the brush we would recommend.


    Product Specification. 

    Brush material

    Handel material  Wood 

    Brush Purpose:

    Cleaning Leather, Fabric, Suede, Cloth, Plastic & Vinyl 


    How To Care For Your Horse Hair Brush 

    • Rinse in clean water to remove any dirt or chemicals 
    • Shake out any remaining water 
    • Leave to dry to naturally

    How To Use 

    We Recommend Only Using 

    • cold water with the brush 
    • ph neutral cleaner as acids or Alkalines may damage the horse-hair 
    • this will prolong the life of the brushes life