Black Pearl Detailing Packs Trim Restoring & Tire Dressing

Black Pearl Coatings

  • £35.00

Why Have Black Pearl Trim & Tire Amour 

Long Lasting Up To 6 Months 
Remains Dry To The Touch
Won't Wash Off
Will Not Sling Off Tires 
Won't Smear 
Comes In Matt & Gloss 
Silicon Free
Solvent Free
VOC Free
Safe To Use on Rubber & Trim
Permanently Restores Trim 
100% Body Shop Safe


Faded Plastic Trim

If you're looking to have your cars plastic trim restored, then there is no better than Black Pearl Trim, & Tire Armour

You can have Black Pearl Professionally Applied to your plastic trim by your approved installer. Taking care of all the preparation & application of applying the coating

Where Can Black Pearl Be applied to restore & protect your plastic trim

Engine All Plastic Trim & Rubber Hoses 
Exterior Plastic Trim, Bumpers & moulding 
Rubber Trim & Moulding 
Vinyl, Roofs Interior Trim

In More Detail 

Black Pearl Trim and Tire Armour Black is a very versatile product that can be used to revive restore  & protect any plastic trim, rubber car mats, car tires, vinyl-like used for car roofs & interior 

Which Trim Can Be Restored 

All Other Colours


Black Tires 
 White Walls 
Coloured Letting  

Full Service List 

Service  Finishes  Cost 
Tire Coated  Matt / Gloss £65.00 based on 4 tires 
Plastic Trim Coated  Matt / Gloss £25.00 priced on inspection 
Trim Protected | Tires Coated  Matt / Gloss £85.00 priced on inspection


Pricing for restoring plastic is charged at a starting price of £25 & will be priced on inspection based on prep need, amount of trim being coated 


Ceramic coating applied on top of the coated exterior trim to help protect the trim increasing the beading and water behaviour 

helping the coating lasting longer than black Pearl coated on its own helping protect for months even years protecting from the elements like bird poo